Covid-19 Factoid: India has the highest number of active cases in Asia

The count of confirmed cases globally has now reached 9.7 million, including 492,685 deaths. Worldwide, 5,280,663 patients have recovered from the virus infection. The US now has a higher number of reported cases than all European nations put together.

In India, the number of reported cases is dangerously close to breaching the 500,000 mark. Of these, 189,463 cases are still active, and 285,636 people have been cured and 15,301 have died. Maharashtra now has almost 150,000 confirmed cases.

Here are some data points on the extent of the pandemic:


India added more than 17,000 cases in a single day

India recorded its highest-ever single day spike, at over 17,000 cases in 24 hours. However, in a positive trend, the gap between new cases and recoveries is increasingly narrowing. In fact, for two days in the past week, the difference had been very encouraging, at less than 1,500 cases.

#2. Maharashtra added 5,000 cases in a single day #3. The US has the highest number of active cases

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