Covid-19 Factoid: Over two-thirds of India’s death toll in just 3 states

The global count of confirmed cases is now at 6.6 million, deaths at 388,573, and recoveries over 3 million. Brazil and Russia now have half as many confirmed cases as in the United States. In a positive trend, June 3 saw daily new recoveries surpassing daily new cases by a wide margin, in a first in this pandemic.

At over 200,000, India has the seventh-highest number of confirmed cases of When it comes to active cases, the country has the fourth-highest count globally. So far, 104,106 patients have been cured of the infection, and 6,075 have succumbed to the infection. India saw more than 9,000 new cases in a single day on June 4.

Here are some graphs on the spread of the pandemic:

#1. India took just four days to add the last 1,000 to its death toll

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The number of deaths in India is increasing at a much faster pace. While it had taken 49 days to register its first 1,000 deaths, the metric has progressively decreased. In fact, the latest 1,000 fatalities were registered in just four days. Out of the 6,000-odd deaths in the country so far, more than two-thirds have been reported from just three states – Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Delhi.

#2. Brazil registered its highest single-day spike in deaths

Brazil recorded over 1,300 fatalities in 24 hours. After a brief respite on May 31, when daily new deaths dropped to under 500, the number on each day has been higher than the previous day. The country has so far seen 32,602 deaths, the fourth-highest number in the world.

#3. A sudden spike in Covid-19 cases in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh, which hadn’t seen any major growth in cases so far, is now seeing a sudden spike. It recorded its highest-ever single-day rise of 104 cases on June 4. Its previous record was 70 in a day. The latter half of May had been particularly bad for the state, with 40-plus daily new cases being reported on many days, a stark contrast with single-digit numbers seen previously. Chhattisgarh has 678 confirmed cases, of which 487 are still active.

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