Covid-19 Factoid: Pain and recovery as cases set to cross 1.5 mn mark

The global tally of coronavirus-infected patients is about to breach the 1.5-million mark, with Europe and the United States continuing to suffer the most. The global is set to cross 90,000. However, nearly 20 per cent, or roughly 3.3 million cases have now recovered for the infection. India’s case tally currently stands at 6,567 and the is nearing the 200 mark.

Here are a few data trends mapping the extent of the pandemic:

#1. Two-fifths of the total confirmed cases in Germany have already recovered

Among the top-five worst-affected countries of the world, Germany has seen the biggest share of its total Covid-19 infected cases recover, with 40 per cent of all infected persons having recovered already. Germany is followed by Spain, where nearly 33 per cent of the Covid-19 patients have recovered. In the US, the country with the highest number of reported infections globally, with more than 0.4 million cases, only 5 per cent of all infected cases have managed to recover as of now.

#2. No new recovery cases in the UK in the past fortnight

While the number of infections is consistently growing in the UK, the country is lagging in recoveries. It has reported no new recoveries in the past 16 days. The country has more than 60,000 reported cases right now, with more than 7,000 fatalities and the recoveries currently at only 135 cases. The country’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who had earlier been found to be infected, is currently receiving treatment in a hospital.

#3. Sharp rise in number of global recoveries in past few days

The past two days have been positive because of a sharp rise in the number of daily recoveries globally. After some temporary setbacks when the number of recoveries showed no clear trend, it has been consistently growing now. On April 8, there were 28,607 reported recoveries all over the world, the highest in the past 10 days. Spain, which is the second-worst-affected country after the US, reported one of the highest recovery numbers. It had more than 4,000 recoveries in a single day.

#4. Mumbai and Ahmedabad district account for more than half the cases in their respective states

Mumbai has emerged as the hotspot, with the greatest number of cases in the country. More than 60 per cent of the total reported infections in the state of Maharashtra are concentrated in Mumbai. Most states are seeing cases crowding in one or two districts. In Gujarat, more than half the cases have been reported from Ahmedabad district alone.

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