September 19, 2021

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Best Internet Marketing Training Programs Online

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Are you wondering what is the best online internet marketing training program? Well I must say, as an internet marketing consultant, I have come across a wide variety of programs out there. I’ve been practicing online marketing since 2004, so I’ve seen old school teachers, and today’s new school heroes. And I can honestly say, the quality of the program is VERY different.

Old school internet marketing training programs were not software and technology driven like current programs. Back in the day, you would learn successful strategies that really increase your website sales right away. I want to share a personal story about a free internet marketing program I discovered when I was in college – and it changed my life completely.

So I’m in college trying my best to make money between classes, and I’m doing direct link marketing methods. Back then you had traditional pay-per-click advertising search engines like Overture, MSN Adcenter, and Google AdWords. Those were the top 3 – before Yahoo and MSN (currently Bing) merged. So I’m in college linking straight to my crappy sales letter page, and getting no results. Actually, the only result I got was a bad one.

I read every article you can think of, and I came across a guy named Terry Dean. I read his article, was intrigued, and saw the link to the free book he has. The book is titled, “10 Quick And Easy Ways To Increase Your Website Sales In A Week” (or something similar). I read it, and it changed my whole marketing completely.

1 week after implementing the idea and implementing the changes to my website, I got my first 2 sales. I fell from my chair. I do not believe it. I say this “internet thing” is real and I want more. AKDSEO merupakan agency digital marketing yang fokus melayani jasa Backlinks dan Link building website, termasuk di dalamnya Jasa Menaikkan DA ( Domain Authority), Now fast forward to today’s day and age internet marketing training which I find ridiculous. Everyone has a new secret or a new technique. Everyone is trying to get rich overnight WITHOUT a website.

There are many internet marketing training programs these days that teach people to get started with affiliate marketing and simply “share” their links on Facebook, forums and search engines. It didn’t work, and old-school marketers viewed these promotional tactics and writers as if they were scammers. Why do I use the word “fraud”? Well it’s simple.

Wherever you go, everyone has a “new” way of doing things. Everything has to be faster, better, and superior to a proven way of making money. This is why so many people fail, because they think they can just put up a website, put their link in the autoblaster, and get rich overnight. It doesn’t work like that. The worst is when people join affiliate networks, sign up to promote a certain product, and then blow up their affiliate links all over the place.

And yes, there are highly priced internet marketing training programs that suggest this kind of marketing. It’s scary isn’t it? It makes new age marketers like me look bad and fun, because my methods work, and it doesn’t take a genius to apply them and see results. Whenever you come across an internet marketing training program, you should pay attention to a few things.

You should see if the person has anything free to offer you – to sample. This way you can “test” their skills, and get a peek at what they have to say. Then you should be able to take what you’ve learned from their free sample, and be able to apply it to your business. This is important, because just because you’re paying for an internet marketing program doesn’t mean you’re going to learn anything important.

There is a well-known online marketer (whose name I will not mention) who has an online business program. He has many testimonies from people who use his strategies and make thousands of dollars per month. Some of them make thousands of dollars per day. In fact… some of them earn over $10,000 per day – and they attribute their success to this guy’s course.

So I bought the course for $39 (because of intrigue), and what did I find? I found a glorified sales pitch to buy a $995 “advanced course” to make money online. The course material I purchased just talked about why most people don’t make money online, and how people promote the products they want to promote – NOT selling what people are looking for.

Who doesn’t know that? What business owner would sell something that nobody wants? This is simple market research. So I bought the $39 course and was very disappointed, and quite angry because of the testimonials I saw regarding this course. So these are some games and gimmicks some new age “gurus” like to play to increase their bank accounts, and take advantage of people.

So this is definitely not the best internet marketing training program I’ve seen. Internet marketers are very old when it comes to value, and that is why they are legendary and in the marketing “hall of fame”. Today you can go to YouTube and find more than 100 gurus who have a unique internet marketing “success system” from the rest. If you look at the ads, they all sound the same. And when you buy a product, it’s mostly just repetitive information.

There are many internet marketing training programs on the internet, and you can’t trust just anyone. If you’re going to follow someone, make sure they have a real website – and not just a crappy affiliate link. Make sure they have an email newsletter that you can follow and study. Make sure they have free articles and training materials that you can study. Make sure you can contact them via email and social media. And make sure they are current and on top of the latest trends in the internet marketing industry.

Be careful who you buy with, as you may be just as disappointed as I was.