September 19, 2021

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59% of Americans Order from Local Restaurants Exclusively During Pandemic

Many Americans remain hesitant about dining in during COVID-19 and are turning to takeout, even as lockdown restrictions ease and restaurants welcome customers back, said a recent report. The good news for small businesses is that most are ordering from local restaurants instead of large chains.

Bid-on Equipment, an online marketplace for industrial equipment, surveyed 2,000 Americans about their experiences with takeout restaurant orders during COVID-19.

Bid On Equipment Local Restaurant Survey

A report based on the survey and extensive analysis on Google for words like “takeout” and “takeout near me,” revealed that only one in three people has dined inside since restaurants reopened. Nearly half (43%) feel unsafe dining inside, and 65% are spending more than ever on takeout.

Significant to the small business community, 59% of the survey respondents said they prefer ordering from local area restaurants over national name brands.

“Whether they’re dining inside, outside or ordering takeout, the majority of respondents say they’re making an effort to support local businesses over large chain restaurants,” the report said. “Along with making purchases, customers say they’re also tipping more, leaving positive online reviews, donating and placing larger orders.”

Of the 77% of survey respondents who said they left a tip on takeout orders, Millennials and Gen X were most generous, leaving an average of 15%.

The 65% who said they have been ordering more takeout since the pandemic reported spending an average of $67 per week and ordering 2.4 times per week. Millennials were the highest spenders, at $70 per week.

It isn’t just food that people are ordering from local restaurants — to-go alcohol orders rose dramatically as well, thanks to many states and cities relaxing restrictions on consumption.

About one-third of respondents said they have ordered alcohol to-go, and a majority (57%) would like to see alcohol to-go as a permanent option post-pandemic.

Take a look at the full report to see other findings.

And check out this infographic Bid On Equipment created to visualize the results of its survey:


Images: Bid-on Equipment

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