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Prevention and Treatment of Infertility

Infertility can be described as a situation where a female is unable to get pregnant or even carry a pregnancy to full term or a male being unable to make a fertile female pregnant and it is a serious source of trouble for most couples. There are various causes of infertility in both male and female although they vary in intensity in the both genders. Immune infertility which interferes with sperm motility and transportation after ejaculation and may be caused by surgery, trauma, breakdown of a man’s blood-testis barrier, prostatitis, infections, and cancer are some of the causes of infertility in men. Another cause is where the testes may produce low or poor-quality sperms due to conditions such as varicocele among others. There are also conditions that prevent testes support such as hormonal problems and general health due to conditions such as obesity, coeliac disease, drug and substance abuse, DNA damage and epigenetic conditions.

Women who suffer from infertility are highly stigmatized in their societies and it usually occurs from diseases, poor nutrition as well as uterus malformations. The causes of infertility in women can either be genetic, acquired or can also be due to the location of the infertility problem in the female reproductive systems. The major genetic causes of infertility are chromosomal abnormalities which may be as a result of various mutations of the sex chromosomes. Acquired factors that may lead to infertility in women include advancement in age, smoking tobacco, sexually transmitted infections, obesity and eating disorders, chemotherapy diabetes, coeliac disease, kidney and liver diseases among other. Genetic defects on the ovaries, endometriosis and tubal occlusion in the fallopian tube, fibroids and malformation in the uterus, antisperm antibodies in the cervix, as well as vaginal obstruction are some of the location factors in the female reproductive organs that may lead to infertility.

Diagnosis of male and female infertility should be done in certified clinic that has professionals who deal with fertility issues since for one to get proper treatment, the underlying cause has to be properly identified. Treatment of infertility in male can be done either through surgery, taking of vitamin E medication as well as hormonal therapy. In most cases depending on the cause, management of infertility in female is usually done through prevention of the cause of the infertility. Some of the ways that one can use to prevent occurrence of infertility in women include leading a lifestyle that is healthy with abundant exercises and reduced uptake of caffeine, alcohol and smoking. Other methods that one can use to prevent it includes prevention as well as treatment of existing conditions such as diabetes and obesity, ensuring that one does not advance in age before getting a baby as well as freezing of the eggs for the preservation of fertility.

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