Air India to run special domestic flights for Vande Bharat evacuees only

passenger carrier will operate special domestic ferry flights for only those passengers who have been repatriated under the “Vande Bharat” mission.

Accordingly, the airline will run these special ferry flights during the second phase of the repatriation mission, news agency IANS reported.

The airline has been engaged in bringing back thousands of Indian citizens from abroad on account of the global outbreak of Covid-19.

However, many passengers brought to large hub airports would require further transport to reach their home states.

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Consequently, the airline will operate these special flight for those passengers. On Wednesday, the airline brought back 2,669 passengers from abroad on 13 flights. These flights are a part of the massive repatriation mission amid the pandemic.

The Indian government has been making efforts to bring back Indians stranded abroad and under the massive ‘Mission’. carrier and its subsidiary Express have been undertaking evacuation flights starting May 7.

The Air India Group would operate a total of 64 flights and bring back over 14,000 stranded Indians from 12 countries under the mission.

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