Best practices for Digital Marketing for a Golf Course without Hitting a Slice

All the world is mobile today, none more so than those with active lifestyles. That includes people who enjoy activities from swimming and walking to tennis and golf. That is also why the need for businesses and brands to employ digital marketing has never been greater. That is also where Evan Tynan steps into the tee box to take a swing.

Evan Tynan: Marketing for the Sporting World

One of the keys to an effective marketing plan has always been to reach your customers where they are, and even in today’s mobile world, that is true. Fortunately, with mobile technology and digital marketing, that is easier than ever.

Many people today are on the move, and digital marketing is the key to reaching them. Today, that audience connects through phones, watches, and mobile computing devices. And that is where companies and brands in the athletic and sporting industry need to be.

From the Fairway to the Driveway

Golf course owners and managers ask the same marketing questions that any business or brand should ask. Those include questions such as who and where my customer base is. Digital marketing can not only help companies determine these answers but also help to reach those potential patrons too.

Who does your golf course attract, and what is the profile of your average customer? What is the average score of your customers, and how often do they frequent your golf course? An effective digital marketing strategy will define answers like these, reach your audience wherever they are, and provide the tools to increase traffic and revenues.

Putt to Win

Golf is a quirky game, and like digital marketing, success is often determined by the details. Crushing drives and hitting fairways and greens is important, but the ability to putt is the difference between a good or bad score.

Great marketing designs, strategic campaigns, and engaging content are important, but digital marketing delivers those details. Digital marketing also empowers the ability to package and deliver those details across digital mediums.

What that looks like for the intended audience is timely, relatable, and useful marketing campaigns. What that means for golf courses is more customers, more sales, and more business. That is a win-win for everyone, but there is a cautionary tale here.

While effective digital marketing campaigns can bolster and improve a brand and image, among other benefits, they can also have a less-desired impact. A poorly received or designed marketing campaign has the potential to hurt or damage the company name, brand, or image too.

Evan Tynan is in the business of ensuring that digital campaigns don’t slice and helping them hit the target every time. That includes those details on the putting green that make the difference between winning customers or losing patrons.

The good news is it has never been easier to hit it straight, crush it off the tee, and sink that putt with digital marketing. And if you need a caddy or help, ask sports marketing professional like Evan Tynan.