January 18, 2022

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Nonfungible tokens or NFTs are all the rage in the creator community. Unfortunately, artists are struggling with piracy as criminals use their work to create NFTs without their permission.

NFT Artists Struggling with Piracy Issues

The piracy issue of NFTs is a big problem for artists that have their content online. This is because anyone can take content that is online and create an NFT out of it. And the artist might never know an NFT was created from their work, especially if they don’t know about NFTs.

DeviantArt, one of the biggest digital art platforms in the world, has started protecting the content of the artist on its platform. As of January 4, 2022, it has sent 80,000 NFT infringement alerts. The DeviantArt Protect tool was created by the company in-house to detect potential NFT infringement by using state-of-the-art image recognition software. The tool scans public blockchains and third-party

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When it comes to doing business, emails have completely changed the way we communicate on a daily basis. Today, we send several emails to employees, team members, customers and partners every day. But no one has the time or energy to send the same email to several people individually. This is especially true if you are a small business owner with enough things to manage anyway.

Luckily, there’s a simple way to address this challenge. Mailing lists in Outlook allow you to send the same mail to different people without having to add each recipient individually.

What’s more it takes very little time and effort to create a contact group in Outlook. Intrigued? Keep reading to learn how you can easily create mailing lists in Outlook web app and desktop.

How to Add Outlook Contacts to Your Mailing List

Before we start, let’s get some of the basics right. To

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Every small business owner wants their professional bio to make a statement, but the task is sometimes easier said than done. How do you summarize your entire professional career in a few sentences?

How do you highlight your professional skills and accomplishments in a way that quickly captures readers’ attention? One way to compose an outstanding professional bio is by referencing business bio examples from fellow professionals.

Professional Bio Examples

Professional bios come in all shapes and forms. Some are brief and to the point, while others tell lengthy stories. What do you want to tell profile visitors or a potential employer, nd what platform do you want to use? From an entrepreneur Instagram bio to a Twitter bio, you have more options than ever. The following professional bio examples will help you

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A fresh look at the impact customer experience has on profits and how to keep the customer at the center of business decisions.

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“How likely are you to refer [company name] to a friend or family member?”  This one question changed the face of customer satisfaction back in 2006.  

It all started with Fred Reicheld, the founder of Bain and Company’s Loyalty practice.  Reicheld wanted to know if there was a connection between happy customers and profitability.  His research revealed that, in a sea of survey questions, this one simple question was the best predictor of profitability.  This is called the “Net Promoter Score.” And companies went bonkers for the concept.  

In his new book, Winning on Purpose: The Unbeatable Strategy of Loving Customers, Fred Reicheld seeks to bring business

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Ready to grow your business in the upcoming year?

You definitely don’t want to grow too fast. But no worries, an upcoming webinar from the folks at Zoho will help you grow your business at scale.

At this webinar on Jan. 19, you’ll hear advice from small business experts like Laurie McCabe, the co-founder of SMB Group, and Marques Cook, of Capitol Corridor. They’ll discuss how your business can not only thrive in 2022 but also grow and grow smartly, at scale.

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WEBINAR: Tips to Tackle 2022 - Scale Your BusinessWEBINAR: Tips to Tackle 2022 – Scale Your Business
January 19, 2022, Online

The challenges of 2021 have required businesses to adapt and become more resilient, and with a new year comes new obstacles. Join expert analyst and co-founder of SMB Group, Laurie McCabe, and principal marketing representative at Capitol

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Small businesses experienced strong job growth during December 2021, according to the latest ADP Small Business jobs report.

During December small businesses (fewer than 50 employees) saw an increase of 204,000 jobs. The previous month, the small business job increase was 115,000 jobs.

Service providing jobs were the bulk of the small business growth at 185,000. Businesses of 1-19 employees saw an increase of 96,000 jobs while those with 20-29 grew by 89,000 jobs.

Goods producing jobs for small businesses grew by 19,000 (8,000 very small and 11,000 small).

Franchise jobs increased by 39,400, compared to 35,300 the previous month.

Small Businesses Add 204,000 Jobs

ADP chief economist Nela Richardson pointed out that December’s strong growth occurred as the impact from the Delta variant lessened and Omicron poised on the horizon.

“December’s job market strengthened as the fallout from the Delta variant faded and Omicron’s impact had yet to be

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