September 19, 2021

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Covid-19 Factoid: India records 90,000 recoveries, third day in a row

The global count of cases is over 31 million, with over 7.44 million cases currently active. Of this number, over 2.55 million cases are located in just the US. The global death toll has now reached over 965,000, over 204,000 deaths in the US alone.

India has the fastest rising pandemic curve in the world with the total case tally over 5.4 million. Over 18 per cent of its cases, or over 1 million cases, are currently active. With almost 4.4 million people beating the infection, the recovery rate for India is almost 80 per cent.

Here are some data insights on the pandemic:

India witnessing a surge in daily recoveries

India has recorded over 90,000 daily recoveries for three straight days.

The daily recoveries were even higher than the new cases added by the nation each day. Overall, almost 4.4 million people have recovered from the virus or 80 per cent of the total confirmed cases tally in India.

Satara has the highest test positivity rate among all districts

Satara district of Maharashtra has the highest test positivity ratio among all Indian districts. More than half of the Covid-19 tests conducted in the district turns out to be positive. Satara is followed by Raigad, Nadurbar, Nashik and Pune—all from the same state as Satara, the worst-hit Indian state.

The US has crossed 7 million cases

The worst affected country in the world, the US has achieved another grim milestone of surpassing 7 million cases mark. The country took 22 days to add the recent 1 million cases. However, the US is the most-hit country, the rate of growth in new cases addition is slowing down in the country. 2.55 million cases are still active in the country while over 204,000 people have lost their lives to

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