Covid-19 Factoid: India’s active case tally drops below 1 million

The global count of cases is over 31 million, with over 7.4 million cases currently active. Of this number, over 2.55 million cases are located in just the US. The global death toll has now reached over 969,000, with more than 204,000 deaths in the US alone.

India has the fastest rising pandemic curve in the world with the total case tally nearing 5.5 million. Over 17.5 per cent of its cases, or nearly 1 million cases, are currently active. With almost 4.5 million people beating the infection, the recovery rate for India is over 80 per cent.

Here are some data insights on the pandemic:

India recorded its highest-ever daily recoveries

India added over 100,000 new recoveries on Sep 21, biggest single-day spike.

This the fourth straight day with over 90,000 recoveries. Overall 4.5 million people have recovered from the virus in the country while nearly 89,000 people have lost their lives.

India’s active case tally drops below 1 million

India has been witnessing a surge in its daily recovery numbers. Daily recoveries in the country have been higher than the new cases added in the last four days resulting in a massive drop in active cases tally. The active cases in India had crossed the grim milestone of 1 million cases, witnessed a drop of almost 42,000 cases in the last four days.

India’s recovery rate is now over 80 per cent

India’s current cases tally stands at nearly 5.5 million, of which 4.5 million cases or nearly 81 per cent cases have already recovered from the virus. India’s recovery rate is higher than the global average of 73 per cent but still behind Russia and Brazil when comparted with five most affected countries.

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