December 1, 2021

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Design tips for laminated postcards

Direct marketing is a method of communicating directly with customers. A laminated postcard is a great way to reach out to customers. It enables a business to communicate directly with customers. Laminated postcards convey a message to a customer. To ensure that the postcard delivers the message exactly as intended, here are five tips for designing a laminated postcard.

Response rates increase by 135% if the customer’s name is on the postcard.

Clear headlines

When designing a laminated postcard, make sure the headline is clear and concise. It should be bold and highlighted for maximum impact.

Eye-catching images

Images can greatly affect the visual appeal of a postcard. Images should be of high quality and complement the text of the laminated postcard. Images can become embedded in the customer’s memory. This means that customers will think of the company and be encouraged to make a purchase.

Stay focused

Limit yourself to one main idea per postcard. Because of its size, the company is limited in the message it wants to convey. Keep the ideas simple and stick to one idea per postcard. Formulate the message and phrase it well.

Call to action

This is a crucial part of the postcard. It will ensure that the customer knows what to do and how to do it. A call to action will motivate the customer to act on the promotion being offered.

Never use copyrighted material

It goes without saying, but images that are copyrighted should not be used unless express permission has been given to use such material. Credit should always be given to the creator of the image. Using copyrighted material without permission will reflect badly on a business.


The media should always be tailored to the target audience. The message should be relevant to the customer receiving it.