Features of PPC Online Product Marketing

In relevant marketing terms, the short form PPC signifies Pay Per Click method of advertising your product or services to potential customers. PPC marketing, on the other hand, is a process involving online marketing practices. Companies generally bid on desired keywords in order to position their businesses online, basing their prospects on viable search terms. The term is hence broadly applicable for search engine marketing purposes.
While running a random search for a desired product or services on your choice search engine, you will probably be able to watch the PPC process come into action, either at the very top of your search page results or along its right hand side. When searching for a desired product or services on Google, you will come across what is commonly known as google adwords.
Looking at PPC versus Organic Search Results
Search engines will generally display two kinds of results for your search. For instance, if you key-in a search for your desired keywords on any of the popular search engines, the term being let’s say: “most frequently used keywords”. What are known as organic results will now appear in the body content portion of your search page; these are commonly termed as links which, on account of their inherent keywords or content, virtual robots of the search engines have determined as those meeting your search criterion best.
In addition to these organic results, you are also likely to find PPC results shown with their top distinctly highlighted, or least of all in a different highlight color, style of font; shown usually towards right side of the displayed page. These online advertising results are better known as PPC links; and they too have been specifically determined by the same virtual robots of these search engines as largely meeting your search criterion to a greater extent. The only difference being that a particular entity has bid on these results and thus chooses to display them in a highlighted form, which differentiates them for the purpose of search engine marketing.
What is Your Responsibilities When Clicking on a PPC Link
When clicking a PPC link displayed by your search results; there are no financial responsibilities whatsoever on your part. Technically, clicking on a PPC link will cost you nothing more than if you were to click an organic link instead – that is, no cost at all! The company or business that has bid for PPC rights which control your search keywords is the single party who pays, and that too only after a visitor has actually clicked on that specific link.
Moreover, companies or businesses that employ a PPC marketing strategy need to first negotiate terms of bidding with respective providers of search engines. The formula is straightforward and clear-cut: the highest bidder obviously gets the highest ranking. However, a company or business that may account for the sixth rank in the amount bid by it, with a corresponding ranking in search results, will need to pay when a visitor clicks their link, regardless of whether the link of a higher bidder gets clicked on or not.