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Five Tips To Stop Puppy Biting

If one has just bought a new puppy, sometimes they happen to bite and back as they are in a new place where it can’t see the people who it is familiar with. It can be dangerous as it can bite too severely and become harmful. You should try and keep away from it if it bites and you have young children with you. Here are a few things that will assist you to stop puppy biting.

The worst thing to do to a new puppy in your home is scarring it . Once you share it, then it may get worse. The appropriate way of dealing with it is talking to it by saying it to stop biting and walk away from it. Don’t just stay there and let it bit you painful as it won’t know whether it is doing a bad thing. The puppy will know that it has wronged you.

Don’t make the puppy think that all the time it’s all about biting as that will make it keep biting. When you reduce the play, then it will reduce how much it is biting.

Take the puppy to be taught how to behave itself. The puppy trainer will know how to control the puppy as required. It will have other dogs around it, and it will be able to copy what other dogs are doing. The puppy will be able to recognize the dangerous and ethical behavior. Finally the puppy will know to be friendly when with other puppies.

In case the puppy is so playful then you should give it its toy to avoid damage. They find it fun, and that helps them in their growth and development. Always throw it its toy to play with it whenever it starts been aggressive as it can be harmful. That will make the puppy know that it is not supposed to be doing that.

Lastly whenever you see the puppy wanting to bite you then you should make an ouch sound and try as much as possible moving away from it. The dog will know that it feels pain when it bites, and humans are not to be bite. Once you allow the puppy to bite you once in a while, then it will always feel nice been around you. It is accepted to bite when playing but not to the extent of feeling pain. The puppy will learn from the games you play with it. Making it sometimes bite the toys is a good thing as it will be practicing its skills that will help keep your home safe.

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